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Restaurant Information
Vito’s Pizzeria
1731 Wyandotte East Windsor, ON. View Larger Map
Website, Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Drinks Menu, Dessert Menu
Cuisine: Pizza and Pasta
Open: Daily for lunch and dinner
Price: $$ (Inexpensive – $12-30 per meal)
Parking: Street
Reservations: Required
Specials: N/A
Other: Accommodates large and private parties. Catering available.
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Taster Recommendation: Cannot go wrong with any pasta choice – especially, if it has a meatball.
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Vito’s Pizzeria is a tiny restaurant in Walkerville decorated in a combination of modern furniture and rustic Italian elements which creates an elegant atmosphere while maintaining the informality missing from a lot of the high-class Italian establishments in the city.

Vito’s is always packed with diners both at the tables and around the bar giving the place a lively, bustling feel. Enough people know about the restaurant to keep it busy all week long, but it is still an “oh-I-know-this-great-little-place-in-Walkerville” hidden gem.

The food is comparable to other Italian style casual fine dining places in the city. It’s not the first place we would go for wood-oven pizza but their appetizers are great, the fresh pastas are properly cooked, and the polpette! Oh, the polpette! Mmmm…

If you go, don’t skip the appetizers. Some of the best items on the menu are apps.

Diner’s Favourites:

Nonna’s Polpette: Is it wrong to say that these massive, tender, and flavourful meatballs are about a million times better than any polpette our nonni ever made?

Cheesecake: The cherry cheesecake was phenomenal, and we have a strong inkling that the brownie chocolate cheesecake and the chocolate almond cheesecake are just as tasty.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl I’ve heard countless positive reviews for Vito’s, but put down your pens people because this place is nothing to write home about. It doesn’t live up to the hype. The restaurant was hot and noisy, the service was acceptable but not outstanding (can a girl get a water refill please??), and the undercooked pizzas could have been better. I’m not exactly dying to go back, that’s for sure.

If you do go, secure a reservation in advance or you’re not getting a table. Order appetizers because the apps that we ordered for our group were the best dishes we had all night: delicious and large enough to share among at least 4 people. I liked the rich flavours of the pesto bruschetta appetizer a lot. And pick the pasta over the pizza; it’s better prepared.

Taster Similar to most modern Italian restaurants, Vito’s Pizzeria has wood-oven pizzas which are like every other wood-oven pizza I have ever eaten. This isn’t exactly a criticism; Vito’s happens to make good pizzas, there just is not anything that really separates its pizza from other wood-oven pizzerias. However, after tasting the taster-crew’s food I realized that their secret weapon is their pasta. It is fresh and well cooked. This is the first time that I’ve had soft, fresh gnocchi this good at a restaurant since my last trip to Italy five years ago. The meat in the Bolognese sauce was very tender, but I prefered the gnocchi’s meat sauce with wine and basil which impressed my palate.

Recommendation: If there was one one item on the menu that you must try, their softball size meatballs happen to be soft, moist, delicious and a meal on their own if you order the appetizer size.

Mr. Muscles This place can be a carnivore’s delight if you know what to order.

My appetizer consisted of shrimp wrapped in prosciutto – meat wrapped in meat, you can’t go wrong. The fish I ordered was way too expensive for what I got – over $30 for a plate I cleared in 3 minutes. I really should have ordered that meatball appetizer as meal since they were not only delicious but had the most meat for my dollar! Wait, make that two.

Uber-Gamer I’m not saving any money here. The calzone I ordered was on par with any calzone I’ve ordered at 100 other Windsor restaurants, but I felt I over-paid for it. I guess I’m supposed to go here for the atmosphere or at least that is where I feel my money went in this fancy establishment. But a classy atmoshpere doesn’t really appeal to me unless I were taking a date here or trying to impress my world of warcraft guild mates who flew in from across the country.

With all that said, the carbonara I tried was excellent, but still bit to expensive for my slim wallet.

The M.C. Dessert First: The cheesecake was easily the best I have had in years! Years.

Meal Second: The lasagna was too Italian for my taste, but still satisfying. I’m used to the meat-layered lasagna that my mangiacake mom makes.

The Philosopher For a simple comfort food, the spaghetti and a meatball was a good choice. It was better than my mom’s and Nonna’s and an excellent choice for those who don’t like to experiment with more creative dishes. The pizza that I sampled was nothing too special or different than other restaurants with the same offerings.

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