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Restaurant Information
The Hungry Hippo
1654 Manning Road, Tecumseh, ON View Larger Map
No Phone
Website & Menu
Cuisine: Grill
Open: Late Spring to Early Fall – think mini-golf season; Tue-Sun for lunch and dinner
Price: $ (Cheap – Under $10); CASH ONLY
Parking: Lot on site
Reservations: N/A
Specials: N/A
Other: Only open during the summer. Outdoor seating only. Cash Only.
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Taster Recommendation: Go for a cheap bite on a gorgeous day.
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The Hungry Hippo is open for its second summer season and, it seems, busier than ever. This burgers & fries shack in Tecumseh is al fresco only. You can sit outside and take in the sunshine, the good food, and the views of. . . well, Manning Road basically. But props go to The Hungry Hippo for turning a little plot of parking lot into someplace you’d actually want to eat dinner with colourful picnic tables and umbrellas and even a little sand pit for the kids.

The menu is simple: burgers, chicken sandwiches, sausage, and fries. We stuck to the burgers which are big and messy, loaded with toppings, and served on quality Calabrese bread. The fries were crispy, just the way we like them.

If you go make sure to bring cash. They don’t want your plastic.

Diner’s Favourites:

Sweet Potato Fries: They‘re a little on the pricey side but a $6 large serves two generously. The menu reads ‘you won’t believe how crispy they stay!’. We didn’t believe it, but they really did come out crispy and stay that way.

Aloha Burger: If you like a little sweetness then you’ll like this burger topped with pineapple, bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce. Taster likes the bacon on it and Taster Girl loves the pineapple. It was a winner with us.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl

First impression: This bread is amazing!

Second impression: This burger is a serious mess. I need to tie my hair back.

The burger patty by itself is just okay. I’ve had much juicier burgers in my time, but Hungry Hippo burgers are worth eating for the loaded toppings, sauces, and bread.

The Hippo California burger was a bit too saucy. It had a great umami taste but since I always prefer sweet to savoury the Fiesta burger and Aloha burger are my choices for favourite. The crispy sweet potatoes fries might be the best I’ve ever had. For real.

I’ll go back for the prices and the good food.


If it is a beautiful day, and you don’t mind eating out in the sun or don’t mind getting take-out then I highly recommend checking out one of my favourite burger joints. The food is so good it doesn’t need indoor seating. The burgers are so thick and juicy for the cheap price that I would keep coming back for them even if they were being served out of a dumpster. And if you’re not inclined to the pre-dressed and saucy California-style burgers then custom make your own. Be sure to try the regular fries with surfer spice which are, in my own opinion, even more delicious than their sweet potato fries.

The only downside is that this isn’t fast food. It takes 10 minutes get your order because all of the menu items are prepared from scratch; and since I get so excited to eat their burger, 10 minutes feels like an eternity.

I recommend this place to the true burger lover.

The Philosopher

I was really skeptical of how good this place was. After my third visit in two weeks, I have finally realized how much this place really grows on you – every time I come back it gets better. Their fiesta burger is my favourite so far, it has the perfect sauce for my taste-buds. This place is a favourite on my list of cheap lunchtime restaurants and has a bunch of items I would order over and over again.

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