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Restaurant Information
The City Grill
375 Ouellette Ave. Windsor ON View Larger Map
Website & Menu (Seasonal)
Cuisine: Grill
Open: Mon-Sun for dinner; Open late Fri-Sat
Price: $$$ (Expensive – $30 per entree)
Parking: Valet; Metered Street Parking; Parking Garage
Reservations: Recommended but probably not required
Specials: Thu: 2 for 1 Appetizers and Drink Specials.
Other: Live music on Saturday nights
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Taster Recommendation: Go here when you have the money to splurge,  want to impress, or are in the mood for a classy place to drink
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The City Grill. The name is appropriate since this is the kind of swanky and chic restaurant that you’d find in major urban centres, but is really the first of its kind here in Windsor. The menu is in line with the current food trends, including dishes like wild game charcuterie and deconstructed salads. They also have a broad dessert selection that is not to be missed– the peanut butter chocolate volcano cake in particular was a hit at our table.

The prices are on the higher end with entrees costing about $30 but every dish we ordered was perfectly cooked, properly seasoned, and plated beautifully.

The City Grill’s extensive selection of cocktails and wines make it an excellent place to go for drinks on Friday and Saturday nights as an alternative to the crowded dance clubs that make up most of downtown Windsor’s weekend bar scene.

The atmosphere is classy, the service is fantastic, and the food is phenomenal.  Top marks go to The City Grill.

Diner’s Favourites:

PEI Mussels. Good sauce, generous portion size, and the mussels themselves were massive.

Butter Poached Corn with Pancetta & Crème Fraiche. A rich, creamy side dish that made the main dish worth ordering

Duck Wontons & Vegetable Spring Rolls. Beautiful presentation. The spring roll was crispy and the filling was spot-on. The very spicy Asian slaw was the best part.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl I had a bad impression before we walked into the restaurant from scoping out The City Grill’s menu online; my mouth hit the floor as soon as I saw the prices. Any restaurant that has the audacity to charge $19 for a hamburger is not going to score big points with me. But in spite of all my reservations about it and in spite of almost hoping to come back here to post a review that the place was over-priced an overrated, I actually *gasp* loved it.The salads were deconstructed which made me roll my eyes at the novelty of it –Come on chef, are you too lazy to toss my salad for me?–but they ended up being well-executed and perfectly-dressed variations of classic menu items. Damn, I was really starting to like the place.I’m a sucker for big muscles, I mean mussels, and these were some of the largest I’ve seen (and I order muscles often enough for that to mean something to you). My only complaint of the entire meal was that there was only one vegetable spring roll when I was expecting two. (The menu did say rolls, plural)The food here is very high quality, well presented, and well executed.

The City Grill may not be some place I can afford to go regularly but it does make a good “special occasion” restaurant. I only ordered an array of apps this time, but I’m excited to go back and try something else on the menu. Or, actually, I’ll probably just go back for the mussels.

Taster There are very few fine dining restaurants in Windsor to compare with City Grill – and this restaurant sets the bar really high for all of them. When you go to this type of restaurant you have high expectations of the execution of their dishes – the City Grill follows through. Expect perfectly cooked to order meat along with beautiful dish presentation (check out the duck won-ton pictures), and a deconstructed dish here or there. The City Grill does all of these things really well.

I would completely recommend this restaurant for a important occasions or those times you’re trying to impress someone special.I would also suggest you head here for their bar that offers a swanky atmosphere, live piano player, and is open until 2am on typical Windsor weekends. The bar offers a very large selection of local and international wines along with an always changing flight of wines that I wish I indulged in while I was there.

Mr. Muscles I find that when you go out to restaurants there is an inverse relationship between the cost of the dish and the quantity of food served. That piece of tuna was not big enough; that was not enough food. I’m still hungry right now.

Oh and Little Miss Martini’s steak wasn’t cooked enough. I ate half after hoovering that pathetic portion of fish.

Little Miss Martini This corn is sooooo good. It’s got cream and bacon in it. It’s delicious.

. . .and the steak was perfectly cooked– medium rare just like I asked for.

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