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Restaurant Information
Tenka Sushi Windsor
6415 Tecumseh Rd East Windsor. View Larger Map
Website; Wiki Menu
Cuisine:Sushi/Asian Food
Open: Sun-Thurs: 11:00am-10:00pm; Fri-Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm
Price: $$ (Moderately Expensive – $25 per person)
Parking:Parking Lot – Spacious
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: N/A
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Taster.ca Recommendations: Obviously, the sushi.
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Yup! Another f*****g all-you-can-eat. We can blame The Philosopher this time – he wanted to go to Ginza which is a few blocks away from Tenka Sushi. However, Ginza went out of business on the Monday of the same week and so we were greeted by locked doors and a note saying Ginza hasn’t payed their rent in months. And so we found ourselves at Ginza’s still-in-business neighbour, Tenka Sushi Windsor.

Tenka Sushi did not seem pleased to greet a group of seven at 9pm – so displeased, in fact, that they sat us in their group room which still had its Christmas decorations up. The menu includes items other than sushi, including typical Chinese dishes, ramen, dim sum, tempura, and fried milk. Everything is all-you-can-eat and we certainly took advantage. To order you simply fill out the menu form by placing the quantity next to the item you want. We decided to order over 20 items on the menu – no lie. Once the sushi chef received the order, he actually looked at our table, rolled his eyes and let out an audible sigh.

The food wasn’t coming out very fast for our party, which we expected since there were so many of us. We started with some edamame and the crew had a good laugh at me while I ate the entire soy bean pod instead of just popping the beans into my mouth. Those things should come with a manual.

Eventually the big sushi platters landed on our table. I have never been impressed with all-you-can-sushi places (I was underwhelmed by Adora Sushi and Ginza both of which, not surprisingly, closed), however Tenka impressed me with their quality of sushi. Everything was loaded with fish not loaded with filler – as is typical of other all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants. Also, the ramen and Chinese food was well worth it – General Tao’s Chicken was great, for white people food.

While we were finishing our first meal, we decided to place another large order of 20 more different items with multiples of each. Having learned from the first round that one shrimp skewer means just one piece of shrimp and so we ordered 10 of them. When the order reached the chef, we sat back to watch his reaction– this time his eyes widened as he mouthed, “F***!”. It was kind of hilarious. When round two hit the table we noticed that they inexplicably left out several items that we had ordered, like 2 more batches of General Tao’s Chicken.

On our final round we put in our orders for dessert . . . and more General Tao’s Chicken. Yet again the chicken never made it to the table, but the deep fried bananas and mango ice cream were delightful.

- Taster

Overall Analysis:

Our Order – Everything on the menu – except the dim sum.

Come here for: Good Quality AYCE Sushi – on par with most sushi restaurants.

Hidden Gems: Ramen Soups – Soba noodles rock, and these soups were well worth the wait.

Laugh At People Eating: Edamame – only n00bs eat the shells.

GripesSlow Service. Nothing came out fast. Good things come to those who wait?

Most EntertainingThe Disgruntled Chef – His reaction to our massive orders gave us a good laugh every time.

What the . . .?Christmas decorations in March? – Come on, take that s*** down or don’t seat people in that area.


Tenka Sushi Windsor gave me an experience I’ll never forget. For $30 dollars I drank a Saporo and ate some above average sushi. I will never forgive them for forgetting my 3 orders of White People Food General Tao’s Chicken. I will definitely go back and I definitely recommend this place over any all-you-can-eat Asian restaurants any day. Mr. Muscles ensures me that there is an even better one in Chatham, but for now this place will do.

Diner’s Quick Thoughts:

Mr. Muscles Decent sushi, but nothing on the menu really stood out as spectacular or ‘must try’. There are better sushi places in town, but if you want all you can eat, this place is will suit your needs quite well. Avoid going just before closing and ordering a bunch of food, unless you want dirty looks from the cooks and a number of dishes you requested not show up at the table. I found the order form a little annoying. If you order 1 chicken skewer, you get exactly that, 1 chicken skewer. I ended up having to change 1′s to 4′s and 10′s on more than one occasion. It ain’t easy being Mr. Muscles.
The Philosopher Outstanding sushi restaurant. Not at the level of top-notch sushi restaurants, but good for all-you-can-eat. In other words, pretty good quality and nice variety. Prices weren’t bad.
TwilightHater83 For an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant the quality and the selection is very good. The sashimi and the sushi are always fresh. Service is quick, although sometimes certain items are forgotten. While none of the rolls are particularly inventive Tenka is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a quick, budget friendly sushi fix.

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