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Restaurant Information
Tecumseh Roadhouse
10672 County Road 42 Tecumseh, ON View Larger Map
Website & Menu
Cuisine: Barbecue
Open: Tue-Sat for lunch and dinner; Sun dinner only
Price: $$ (Inexpensive – $12-20 per meal)
Parking: Lot on site
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: See Online Menu
Other: Accommodates large and private parties
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Taster Recommendation: A good casual bar that will please the meat lover in the group.
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Tecumseh Roadhouse is an unfussy bar atmosphere with the added bonus of delicious barbecue. If you’re hungry enough to eat a cow then they’ll serve it up for you. The menu is meat-heavy with all the barbecue staples like pulled pork and brisket as well as a wide variety of hamburgers.

Tecumseh Roadhouse doesn’t focus on a particular style of American barbecue but rather serves up a mish-mash from across the USA: Kansas style pork, Texas style brisket, Memphis style ribs, and New Orleans Gumbo to name a few.

If you only want one reason to go here, it would be for their barbecue sauces.

Diner’s Favourites:

The Sauces: All of them (especially the Kansas City Barbecue Sauce and the Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce, but really, all of them). It’s like the sauces at other barbecue joints are in kindergarten, but Tecumseh Roadhouse sauces have fully graduated high school.

Pulled Pork. The pulled pork is very tender but really it’s the sauce that sets it apart.

Gumbo. Well-seasoned and fully loaded with meat and shrimp. The menu says it’s the “Best Gumbo You’ll Ever Have” and it probably is.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl If I had to sum this place up in a word, I’d say: “meh”. It’s really nothing special. You can get that kind of casual atmosphere and service anywhere in the city.

The food isn’t bad, but it wouldn’t be my first pick of places to go for dinner. But then again, my personal preference for vegetarian and seafood dishes positions me well outside this restaurant’s target market. They probably don’t want me there anyhow.

Taster I have been frequenting this restaurant over other BBQ places for about the last year. There are two reasons I keep coming back: any of their BBQ meat and their Sauces – the Kansas City sauce in particular has the perfect sweetness.

The BBQ dishes come not only on their own but in sandwich-form and in combos with each other. The other items on the menu are good but none really have the power to lure you – the burgers are upper-middle of the pack but not the main selling point and the gumbo is delicious if you are in the right mood.

Regardless, if you are the need of a BBQ-fix and you are a huge fan of sauces – like me. Then stop checking facebook, put down your cell-phone and go get some delicious BBQ.

Mr. Muscles As soon as I sat down I didn’t even bother to pick up a menu. This place has the best gumbo ever – not only stated by me, it also says so on the menu. The dish doesn’t just taste amazing, it is loaded with chicken, shrimp and sausage. Every time I come here I get my protein fix and I leave satisfied.
Uber-Gamer After learning how to play “Rock Lobster” on my guitar this week, I figured that I might as well eat lobster too. One of their specials for the month were these lobster sliders. Man that sounds good! Unfortunately, they were very bland and not even ketchup could save these guys.
The M.C. I asked for the hottest chicken wings they’ve got and the waitress said the Death Wings would be really reallyhot.  After the chef at Chanoso’s tried to punish me with a Jamaican 10 stir fry, nothing has ever been nearly as spicy. These death wings weren’t even close. They were a good size though.

If I haven’t had eaten nachos, a hotdog and some popcorn just a few hours before I got here, I would have ordered the brisket-burrito. It tasted real good – from what I stole off my bro’s plate – and was huge, probably the size of two footballs. People at other tables were staring at it.

The Philosopher After scouring the menu for the comfort foods – my eyes landed the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. It was very acceptable, but only good as a lunch at a time that was, in fact, dinner; so I sampled other dishes at our table for future reference.

The best item, and probably what I’ll order next time, would have to be pulled pork – and I was also disappointed that you could only get this by itself on a sandwich… unless I order a double batch of it.

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