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Restaurant Information
Sweet T’s Soul Cookin
1515 Ottawa St, N8X 2G3, Windsor, ON. View Larger Map
Website & Menu
Cuisine: Fried Chicken
Open: Mon: Closed. Tues: dinner only. Wed-Sat: lunch and dinner.
Price: $ (Cheap – $8-14 per meal)
Parking: Street. Parking Lots Scattered about Ottawa Street – free after 6pm.
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: N/A
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Taster Recommendation: Fried Chicken & Beef Jerky!
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Ryan and Tina Odette, the owners of Smoke & Spice Southern BBQ, bring us some more southern-style fare this time in the form of soul food with Sweet T’s Soul Cookin.

In Smoke & Spice’s old location on Ottawa Street, this casual restaurant has a nice and simple dining room fit for any size party. Lots of tall windows provide a beautiful view of what’s happening on Ottawa Street and there are T.V.’s too if sporting events or news are better for keeping your attention.

This time around, the menu focuses on Southern Fried Chicken. The small menu includes appetizers and sides that pair very well with the poultry. If chicken is not your thing, then you have a choice of a few sandwiches, meatloaf or creole. Simple… but oh so sweet!

Diner’s Favourites:

Homestyle Chicken Regular pieces, wings, with waffles or on a sandwich, this pressure fried chicken is tender, juicy with a crispy batter. It’s much better than a certain Colonel could ever make.

Beef Jerky Don’t think of those tough and salty store-bought jerky strips. Think tender. These are a must-try item on the menu.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Sweet T’s really gets down to business when it comes to chicken. In fact, it makes up more than half of the main entrees on the menu. The chicken comes hot and fresh coated in a crispy batter. The side of Sweet N’ Sassy sauce melded perfectly with chicken batter to give it a hint of spice – very well done.

The side dishes that are offered are fine, but took up real estate in my stomach better suited for more of the good stuff (ie. the chicken).

Another surprise star on their menu was the Beef Jerky – which was a tender version of my convenience store favourite coated in the same batter as the chicken.

Recommendation: In my honest opinion, Sweet T’s has Colonel Sanders beat when it comes to family-style pressure-fried chicken. Take this on your next picnic rather than KFC. Oh, and did I mention to get the chicken?

Mr. Muscles There is no Sweet Teasing of meat on this menu!

The meatloaf is a giant brick of meat and there are animal parts in my baked beans – just the way I like ‘em! This restaurant really doesn’t mess around with its protein.

And the super-friendly waitress gave us high-fives for the drunken beer journey that we were about to embark on the next day. This place knows how to party.

Uber-Gamer The prices for the amount of food here are phenomenal! The chicken and waffles I ordered became extra-special once I applied the provided maple-syrup – yum! But my hands and fingers became nice and sticky – not recommended if you are to play video games afterward.
The Philosopher I was surprised by the lack of sweet tea on the menu at a restaurant whose namesake is this Southern beverage staple. Also they serve Pepsi instead of Coke; that’s surely not a Southern thing. All that aside the service was so fast – a total of 5 minutes – that I could quickly return home to studying my philosophy books. *Correction – They Do have Sweet Tea on the Menu – silly philospher*
Beer-Man Most of the sides were great! But the jalepeno coleslaw was nothing too special for my palette. The Sweet N’ Sassy sauce was light and sweet but not overpowering when on the chicken – an excellent pair.

On tap, Sweet T’s had Mill St. Organic and Okanagan Springs Pale Ale – great pairings for the southern chicken.

Image Gallery

  • Sweet T's - Look the Door is open for us!
  • Beautiful T'sing sign
  • Check out that Large.... Window
  • Beautiful Dining area
  • Mr. Muscles adds to the wall - those things curl 60 lbs each arm.
  • Chicken hanging out with some slaw
  • Put some syrup on that Chicken
  • Lots of Sides - beans, egg-salad and fries
  • Beef Jerky - so jerky its hard to capture
  • Come on! Don't Jerk me around!

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