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Restaurant Information
Starlight Diner
601 Centre Street Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0. View Larger Map
Website & Menu.
Cuisine: Diner
Open: Daily: Lunch & Dinner. Closed on Sunday
Price: $ (Cheap – $5-15 per meal)
Parking: in front along fence; lot next to building
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: Breakfast on Weekends. Fish & Chips on Fridays. Meatloaf Mondays.
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Taster Recommendation: Quebecer Poutine & Burgers.
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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives look out! Belle River has a secret little gem worthy of their show: Starlight Diner. As you walk in, you will notice right away that this place has the 50′s theme down to a T. It includes an veritable checklist (and feel free to check them off) of 50′s signs, trivia, booths, diner colours, bottled pop, traditional floats, traditional shakes, 50′s bar stools, jukebox, and even the food. If the style that emanates from this place doesn’t impress your eyes, just wait until your taste buds meet the food.

The first thing that comes to mind when you go to a diner is economical food and Starlight Diner doesn’t leave you disappointed. Their fairly simple menu consists of hot dogs, sandwiches, good burgers, and thick and tender fries. Just like the old diners from a half century ago, and the food is piled mile high. Each dish came with so much food, the crew couldn’t believe the prices we were paying.

We have it on good word that Starlight Diner’s menu is going to be expanding over the next year to include a larger selection of entrees – meatloaf perhaps? Recently, they have been serving breakfast on weekends, a breakfast that just might include a burger,  thus sealing the deal for Mr. Muscles’ return.

Diner’s Favourites:

Quebecer Poutine – Fresh and thick cut fries piled 2 miles high and topped with a savoury gravy, cheese curds and Montreal smoked meat. I’m surprised this place isn’t a poutinerie.

The Big Johnson – Two of their 6oz herbed up burger patties stacked on a bun with lettuce, pickles, onion, cheese and their “sludge” sauce with is tastier homemade thousand island sauce. Think big a big mac with nearly a pound of meat! Mr. Muscles approved.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster When I first glanced at the menu, I saw the prices and thought they would be smaller portions. When I ordered the poutine burger (cause it sounded awesome) and the Quebecer Poutine (cause it sounded double awesome) the owner laughed at me and wished me luck with finishing all that. Was he ever right! I was only able to finish one of the two orders feeling like I just ate a whole elephant. A very large portion of tasty food is the main sell here, and it works.

The burgers were a huge hit with their juiciness and herb flavour – especially the Big Johnson. The only complaint from the crew was that the bacon on the BLT was cut too thick. I had to disagree because thick bacon kicks serious ass – to each his own opinion.

Recommendation: The poutine is a must at this restaurant! Next time, I’m gonna ask for a Burger with Montreal Smoked Meat AND Poutine on it.

Mr.Muscles The Big Johnson was a normal sized meal for me – it was good to see this type of portion at a restaurant outside of a buffet. And its meat per dollar ratio is nice and high – cheap way to keep those protein levels up. I am definitely coming back to stick that Johnson in my mouth again, and hopefully not get that sauce all over my mouth next time.
The Philosopher Starlight, eh? The restaurant has some interesting hours since it seems to close at sundown – however, the owner was nice enough to let us eat there past the closing time. I had a huge portion of their chili burger, which wasn’t hot enough to affect my stomach but was delicious enough to affect my tastebuds. The only thing missing from this restaurant is a 1950′s robot that dispenses 5cent cokes.
UberGamer I unfortunately got here too late to eat, but lucky for me it is only 5 minutes away from my parents’ house. The prices and were very affordable… but something isn’t right with this place. I feel… a Super-Mutant is going to jump out at me at any moment – where is my pip-boy and my victory rifle?!?!

Image Gallery

  • Beautiful Logo
  • Outside the restaurant
  • Shaken not stirred.
  • It's not the 50s without canned whipped cream
  • Boston Cooler - cream soda awesomeness
  • Back to the Future?
  • Good old 1950's signs
  • 1950's sayings and a jukebox
  • Coke in a bottle - +2 to health +2 rads
  • Mountain of poutine.
  • Sammich
  • Thick bacon
  • Poutine burger - where is the burger?
  • Big Johnson with a side of poutine.
  • Big Johnson Dog
  • Chili Burg
  • It's nice!

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