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Restaurant Information
Smoke & Spice
7470 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON N8T 1E9. View Larger Map
Website & Menu
Cuisine: Southern Barbecue
Open: Mon-Sat 11:00-22:00; Sun 12:00-21:00.
Price: $$ (Moderate – $10-25 per meal)
Parking: Large Lot Behind Building
Reservations: Not Required – but very busy
Specials: Lunch Specials
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Taster Recommendation: Best pulled pork in town. Period.
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Once upon a time, this restaurant was in a smaller location on Ottawa Street but after quickly becoming a dining hot-spot, this restaurant moved to a new and much bigger location on Tecumseh Road and Lauzon Parkway. Just goes to show what a hit this place is with the locals. Smoke & Spice maintains a simple atmosphere– simple bar, simple tables, and simple wooden decor left behind from Montana’s Restaurant that previously occupied the space– to keep the focus on the sensational food. This place is wildly popular and can be packed with people almost every day of the week. Think you won’t wait for a table on Wednesday? We did.

The menu is typical Southern BBQ: chili, pulled pork creations, barbecued beans, wings, ribs, chicken, mac n’ cheese and a few other southern favourites. The food here is casual and flavourful and keeps the barbecue lovers coming back – which, evidently, is everyone in Windsor. If you don’t feel like overindulging in barbecue, check out their sandwiches which give a smaller portion of their tender meat with only one side instead of two.

Diner’s Favourites:

Pulled-Pork Anything – Tender, juicy, and packed with smoke flavour. Hands down the best of their menu.

Mac n’ Cheese – Rich, savoury and awful for your health. This dish packs a nice cheesy taste that won’t dissapoint.

Diner’s Thoughts:


Since I have been going here since they opened, I can easily recommend the pulled pork or any of their sandwich creations. Nothing gets my belly more excited than smelling the beautiful aroma of a fried bologna sandwich, or seeing the colourful Hillybilly Philly.

Recommendation: I have tried almost everything on their menu. Twice. By far the pulled pork comes out tops. If you like sweet, try it with their newest sauce, The Fifth, which makes the dish an instant classic.

Mr. Muscles

Gotta get me some barbecue’d beans. Uhhhhhhh Huhhhhhh!

Meat’o'holics: get the pulled pork with a side of chicken (I would like to call this ‘heaven’). And I’ll finish that meal off with a bit of the pulled pork sundae – a powerlifter’s dessert.

UberGamer If you want to get the bang for your buck here, try out any of their sandwiches. Most are about $10 and have a decent portion of meat on them. There are some also interesting and delicious options such as the Smoked Bologna and the El-Tay.
The Philosopher At first, I thought the name was going to describe my bowel movements after the meal, but actually it describes the aroma in and around the restaurant from the washrooms, to the dining room, to the parking lot – way to go! This is such an incredible feat, it should be rewarded in some way. Oh, and FYI my stomach never had any complaints about the food either.

Image Gallery

  • Smoke & Spice - THE SIGN!
  • Smoke & Spice - outside
  • Redneck Nachos - uhhh huh.
  • Fried Pickle Spears - mess'n up ma vision
  • Hilly Billy Philly - Yeeee HAaaa
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich - check out those waffle fries
  • Hairy Chicken - Still delicious
  • Double dem beans
  • More wings please!
  • Sauce Boss
  • 50 Lemons please.

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