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Restaurant Information
Rock Bottom
3236 Sandwich Street, Windsor, ON N9C 1A6 View Larger Map
Website & Menu
Cuisine: Pub
Open: Daily: 11am – 2am
Price: $$ (Inexpensive – $10-$20+ with Beer)
Parking: Street
Reservations: Not Needed
Specials: Monday – Ribs; Tuesday – Fajitas/Corona/Pina Caladas/Daquiris; Wednesday – 2for1 Wings; Thursday – Perch; Friday – Halibut&Chips; Sat&Sun – Breakfast from 11am to 4pm
Other: It’s a bar: so throw some peanuts on the floor!
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Taster Recommendation: Go for their VERY large variety of Beer-on-Tap (16-30).
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When you walk into Rock Bottom, you really get a sense of that strong pub atmosphere – simple tables, dark lighting, tall ceilings, a few TVs for watching sports, and a noisy chatter. Every table gets its own bucket of peanuts whose shells you can use to decorate the floor. The pub attracts a variety of patrons from the UofW student to the young couple to the elderly men to the neighbourhood regulars.

These frequenters are not necessarily here for the food, which is typical of any bar – nachos, wings, sandwiches, burgers, and other greasy and fried deliciousness. The true star of this restaurant and the reason why you want to go here is their VERY LARGE selection of beers on tap. If you are a bit hungry and happen to look around at what other people are eating, you will find them very happy with wing sauce on their hands and faces – it could very well be us.

Diner’s Favourites:

Beer: We don’t know that many places where you can find beers like Fruli, Coors Light, Neustadt 10w30 and Strongbow all on tap at the same place. The selection of 28 beers is enough to please everyone.

Wings: Large. Sloppy. Delicious. Once you try them, you realize that all other food on the menu just doesn’t compare. It is the ultimate food to go with your frosty beverage. Period.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl I might have a bit of a bias because I worked here for a very brief stint during my undergraduate days. Sure, it’s just pub grub, but I appreciate that nearly everything is made from scratch in Rock Bottom’s clean and well run kitchen.If we’re being honest, I don’t eat here much. Mostly it’s a place for me to meet my friends and make a meal out of peanuts as I sample from the beer menu. If you do go, follow the crowds and head here on Wednesday (the bar’s busiest night) for 2-for-1 wings. There is a reason they’re so popular.
Taster As a choice of a pub, this place has so many Ontario Craft Breweries and other Favourites on tap, that you cannot go wrong by coming to drink here.

As for the food, the sandwiches, wraps and burgers are by no means bad, but I’d suggest you stick with the meaty wings and casual appetizers. In fact, after I demolished my sandwich I had to order some wings to satisfy this review. Honestly, the food is a tasty and well-served compliment to the star of their establishment: the beer.

Recommendation: Go here for the beer – maybe try a flight of beer – and get some delicious wings to go with that.

Mr. Muscles I don’t go here for the food… I go for the aroma of almonds and apricots with the taste of orange zest from the Granville Island Hefeweizen. Or for the sweet orange and lychee finish of the Railway City Dead Elephant. Or for the hefty chocolate taste of Hobgoblin.I did eat something too… the southwestern chicken wrap was tasty, but my hands were covered in grease once I devoured it. On the bright side, I have something to oil my muscles up with – gettin jacked-up and eatin too! But who are we kidding? I’m here for the beer!
Uber Gamer I have no idea why I decided to come here since I don’t drink beer… ever.I ordered the mushroom-burger hoping it would help me grow bigger than Super Mario. Instead, it was about as exciting as squashing 700 consecutive goombas – translation: it was average. But my belly did get bigger.

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  • Rock Bottom - Entrance
  • Rock Bottom - at night
  • Peanuts - Feed the Floor
  • Very Large On-Tap List
  • Beer #1
  • More Beer
  • Even More Beer
  • Southwestern Chicken Wrap
  • Mushroom Burger
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich
  • Wings of Chicken

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