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Here at Taster.ca, we’re a bunch of hobbyists who use our own slave-earned money and/or unemployment cheques to dine in as many different (okay, and sometimes the same) restaurants in Windsor as we can just so we can recommend to you, the masses, where to eat. Some weeks, we just don’t have the money. So when Mr.Muscles (naturally) recommends Bacana Brazilian Steak House ($$$$$ meal), no one can afford the expense and our dinner plans fall through.

Well… shoot! I guess we’ll go somewhere for comfort food, and that happens to be an East-Enders favourite little dive: The Riverside Tavern. Why no typical review? Well, there really isn’t any reason that I can recommend going to this place other than proximity to your house. There is nothing about the food that will please a foodie and the beer selection is pretty standard– luckily we love Keith’s and Rickards because that’s all they have. The food is diner style or bar style or… a mix and match of every comfort food you have ever had with pizza being the main event of your meal. They have three rooms: one for pool, the old family section that hasn’t changed since at least 1995 along with their Big Screen, and a nicer bar section with some flat big screens to watch any sporting event.

So why did we go here? It happens to be cheap… really cheap. I think the prices haven’t changed since the late 1990s. I really do enjoy their Panzorotti and Greek themed pizza. It is really close to where some of us live and (Big AND here!) they are the original Sauce Boss! People used to rave about how good their pizza is with the sauce – it almost has legend status in my books. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the best sauce I have ever had nor is it revolutionary to the culinary scene, it’s just good with everything on their menu.

The RT Sauce is nothing more than some sort of concoction that tastes mostly like mustard mixed with vinegar, tomatoes and some other “secret” spices that are probably nothing more than sugar, paprika, salt, and pepper. In fact, in my younger days I replicated a similar tasting sauce by actually mixing honey mustard with ketchup – I wish I was making this stuff up. When I was a teeny-bopper/pro-gamer, my East-End friends would only rave about getting their “sauce” all over pizza – ummmm o_O And when we would eat at a different pizza place, the pizza was always missing the RT Sauce.

Flash forward to now, where I’m a novice-reviewer/pro-gamer. Mr.Muscles orders the meatloaf – since the best bread is in meat form, the philosopher orders the Club with fries and gravy, and I order a panzerotti with tomato sauce for old-times sake. After we try each other’s food, we figure that the panzerotti is the best dish but we all come to the agreement that we are regretting our decision to come here. So we all persist to pour half a bottle of RT Sauce all over our meals. Meatloaf with a vegetable sauce and topped with RT Sauce becomes edible, the not-so-bad panzerotti becomes good, and the club goes from bad to still not enjoyable. But the fries are better with RT Sauce than they are with gravy.

All of this agrees with Mr.Muscles conclusion, “The sauce makes everything, including your attitude, better.” Or maybe it is just the amount of sugar in the sauce.

Oh, well! Give me another Rickard’s and keep the CFL on.


Riverside Tavern on Urbanspoon

  • One Meaty Loaf
  • Club
  • Panzerotti

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