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Restaurant Information
Rino’s Kitchen
131 Elliott St. W. View Larger Map
Website & Menu (Menu Changes Often)
Cuisine: GastroPub
Open: Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner; Sunday for dinner
Price: $$ (Inexpensive – $12-20 per meal)
Parking: On site & Street Parking
Reservations: Not required (yet!)
Specials: Fri Night $5 pints & glass of wine; Wed Night 2 for 1 sandwiches.
Other: Live music on Friday nights 8:30
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Taster Recommendation: Any Pork Dish is a Strong Favourite
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Rino’s Kitchen is housed in a charming old Victorian dwelling with a home-cooked menu and cozy atmosphere that make it feel like you’re coming home for dinner. Except Rino cooks better than your mom does.

The quality of the food is fantastic, the portions are generous, and you’ll be surprised at how reasonable the prices are. The menu is not extensive but it has enough dishes to provide something for everyone. Pig lovers will appreciate the large selection of pork dishes including sausages, pulled pork, and pork belly.

If you go, order something pork. The restaurant does pork and does it well.

Diner’s Favourites:

Maple Glazed Pulled Pork Waffles. The pulled pork was sweet and very tender and made the perfect topping for the moist waffles. This dish was the favourite main course at the table.

Bangers & Mash. A very rich dish with a great combination of sweet and salty tastes. The house made sausages really are fantastic.

Southwest Style Fried Rice Balls. The rice had the perfect consistency and the flavours of the dish worked well.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl How has no one mentioned the dish I call “melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness” (but more formally known as Sweet & Sour Glazed Pork Belly)? My dining partners clearly failed to appreciated it, mostly because of its fattiness. It’s supposedto be fatty! Show me a pig with a lean belly and maybe I’ll see your point.Not all the dishes were hits though. I expected the Linguini with Rabbit dish to be rich in flavour but it turned out to be bland and a bit boring. The Eggs Diablo were poached in a tomato sauce that was too acidic, not even remotely spicy (let alone diabolical), and probably not even seasoned at all– that baby needed a generous hit with the salt shaker.But I’d recommend Rino’s. The atmoshpere is great, more dishes were hits than misses and the price is pretty unbeatable for the delicious quality of food that you’re getting.
Taster I become ecstatic when I see such an exciting menu. The chef does such a good job with the pork that I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a butcher chart of a pig tatooed on his arm. Don’t let the fact that 2 of our dishes were underseasoned (and underspiced) dissuade you from eating here – I recommend you check out the crazy items on their menu!P.S. The guitarist wasn’t loud at all – he performed at a perfect volume to still maintain a conversation.
Connoisseur What can I say? I like Rino’s for what it is.But acoustic guitar player starts at 8:30, so we gotta get out of there by then. He’s too loud.Oh, and the Diablo Caesar had the perfect punch of spice along with a skewer of their sausage.
Mrs. Positive The Linguini with Rabbit Sauce was delicious after I added salt to it!

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