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Restaurant Information
888 Erie St. E, Windsor ON N9A3Y9 View Larger Map
Website & Menu
Cuisine: Burgers
Open: Mon-Thu 11:30-21:00; Fri 11:30-22:30; Sat 15:00-22:30; Sun Closed
Price: $$ (Moderate – $15-20 per meal)
Parking: Street
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: N/A
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Taster Recommendation: Go here if you like your burger served with a side of hipster style.
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As a trendy burger joint in the heart of a district saturated with Italian restaurants Motorburger is a great alternative dining option on Erie Street. The decor incorporates industrial fixtures and automotive design elements with clean lines and splashy colours. Motorburger is a popular establishment that draws a crowd of mostly young social media types in touch with the local culinary scene. The whole place just exudes coolness.

The menu is simple: a few creative salads (the curried warm lentil salad is particularly delicious), a slew of interesting hamburger choices (including the top burger in Canada- the Deux Chevaux), and your typical burger-joint sides. The burger comes solo (unless you count the pickle spear as a side dish), so fries have to be ordered separately for a price that’s not exactly economical. The hamburgers themselves are flavourful and juicy and the large variety of options means there is a burger for everyone.

Motorburger is also a micro-brewery with approriately named beer (10W30) and has a very diverse list of delicious milk shakes that compliment your meal.

Diner’s Favourites:

Lamb-orghini – This is by far the best burger we’ve tried on the menu. The lamb meat combined with the sharp goat cheese make each bite of this burger flavour-packed.

Any Beef-Injected Burger – You will not regret your choice of any of them.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl

The atmosphere here is really cool and the wait staff are pleasant and attentive. I always enjoy coming to Motorburger for dinner. My favourite dish here is the Lamb-orghini– it’s as if the chef knew all of my favourite foods and packed them into one epic burger.

My real test for any burger joint’s credibility is through its veggie burger. I know that probably doesn’t make any sense but the veg-option is often an afterthought and I know vegetarians are tired of getting the shit-end of the burger joint stick. For me the patty has to be soft and moist on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside with lots of flavour. The Smart Veg-engine ticks all the boxes. I especially love the curry sauce that dresses it.

I’d pass on the fries that are too soft and too expensive. I’ll take crispy fries only, please. Also, the Pinto turkey burger is just okay, but truthfully I’ve never once ate a turkey burger that I actually enjoyed.


I have been frequenting this restaurant since it opened, and I can tell you it is not just a restaurant – Motorburgeris a full blown experience. Everything in there perfectly fits the theme of the motown-Windsor restaurant: the menu, the side dishes, the milk shakes, the atmosphere, the craft beer, and the friendly staff. There is no reason why you should not visit this burger joint.

The star dish of their restaurant is obviously their burgers, but I can definitely recommend the other non-beef “burgers” to be just as good or if not better in some cases – ie. Lamb-orghini. And the whole Taster Crew thought their salads were hits. The sides and appetizers are well executed; however, I’d rather add an extra patty to my plate than order side because the burgers are just that good.

Recommendation: You gotta eat here – already ate at the restaurant and so should you.

Mr. Muscles

I always love a place where I can eat the food without utensils – a sign of fine protein-rich dining. And the amount of meat in my portions is ridiculous – especially when I can add an extra burger patty to meal for only $4 more. Oh, and screw Flanders.


This place gives great bang for your buck! For $8 I can get a delicious burger in an awesome atmosphere. Did I mention they have milkshakes? And milkshakes with Twinkies!?! Did they raid my apartment kitchen for ingredients?

The Philosopher

There were no engine parts on the ingredients of the burger. The lubricants had milk in them. And the 10W30 was a beer. How am I supposed to fix my car with these parts? Instead, I keep ordering non-beef burgers here; afterward, I take a quick bite of Taster’s burger and envy his choice. Next time I’m gonna get the Classic with bacon and cheese.

Image Gallery

  • Motorburger - the sign
  • Outside the Motorburger
  • Watch out cows!
  • Motorburger's Bar - Lubrication please
  • Motorburger's Cars - vroooooom.
  • Eco-wall
  • Motorburger Lentil Salad
  • Motorburger Baby Spinach Salad
  • Motorburger Coleslaw
  • Motorburger Lamborghini
  • Motorburger Smart Veg-engine
  • Motorburger Classic
  • Motorburger Deux Chevaux

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