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Restaurant Information
Lorelai’s Bistro
1526 Wyandotte St. E. Windsor, ON N9A3L2. View Larger Map
WebsiteDinner Menu; Breakfast Menu
Cuisine: Modern Canadian; Brunch
Open: Mon-Thu 11:30am-9pm; Fri 11:30am-11pm; Sat 9am-11pm; Sun 9am-2pm
Price: $$ (Moderate – $12-$25 per meal)
Parking: Street
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: N/A
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Taster.ca Recommendations: Blackened Catfish; Carrot Cake
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This restaurant makes a very good first impression. The atmosphere exudes modern French elegance but at the same time retains a romantic coziness. There were tables for two nestled in little private nooks, stylish but comfortable seating, a gorgeous chandelier I could hardly take my eyes off of, and a window to the action in the kitchen. You would expect it to be filled with the yuppie, 30-something Walkerville gentry, but the clientele was surprisingly geriatric. Our table was the youngest in the restaurant by a solid 30 years. Likely the other patrons were lured in by the Liver and Onions entree.

The waitstaff was unprepared to handle the ever-changing demands of our Gen Y table of 7 (No, make that 8. . . umm, actually it’s 9. . . Did I say 9? I mean 10). Our first waitress who “went home” (umm. . . no she didn’t) unloaded our table on another waitress who wasn’t familiar with the menu and had trouble keeping tabs on our orders and when we wanted them to come out. Dessert First got his dessert last and Mr. Muscles’ appetizer came with his entree. I’ll cut them some slack this time since the restaurant is new and the waitstaff hasn’t had enough practice with the menu, but I think our whole experience is a testament to the importance of educating the waitstaff and, at the very least, ensuring that they have sampled the menu.

In spite of all that, the food was really good. The menu is a bit overwhelming in its size, but it offers everything from sandwiches to steak at really reasonable prices. I was impressed by the hefty selection of seafood options, something you don’t see much of in local restaurants. My Blackened Catfish was perfectly cooked and delicious, though I would have liked a little veg with it (I ordered the soup as my side dish but it came out first, so my fish looked quite lonely the plate). Taster’s Pasta Carbonara was slightly undercooked (in my opinion, not his) but props to the chef for knowing that real carbonara doesn’t have cream. Miss Martini loved her Beet Ravioli so much she actually cleared the plate for once.

The most popular dish at our table came from the dessert menu. We ordered the Chocolate Ganache Cake and Triple Sec Cheesecake, which were both well plated and very good but neither was as popular with our table as the Carrot Cake. I think we’re all just suckers for thick layers of cream cheese frosting.

- Taster Girl

Overall Analysis:

Ambiance – Classy, elegant, and romantic

Favourite Entree – The Blackened Catfish was flaky, perfectly cooked, and delicious topped with a dill remoulade that piques your palette.

Surprise HitRavioli stuffed with beets and goat cheese.

Don’t Miss – The Carrot Cake with its moist texture and thick layers of cream cheese frosting.

MissBaked Potato Side – just a plain old baked potato with definitely nothing on it, not even butter.


Lorelai’s Bistro has the romantic elegance and high quality food that make it perfect for an intimate date night.

Diner’s Quick Thoughts:

Taster Finally, a restaurant in Windsor that understands Carbonara! THANK YOU! Given that we’re a difficult group to wait on, the waitstaff didn’t do a bad job. After Dessert First worked his “charm” on our first waitress and then again on our second waitress, our final server was able to hold her own against his sarcasm. Way to go!

I will be returning to this restaurant and definitely before I am old enough to order the liver and onions. Next time I have to try the Carrot Cake before they run out!

Mr.Muscles This place is the newest addition to the Walkerville dining landscape, and you can definitely tell it’s going through growing pains. The wait staff was friendly, but wasn’t completely up to speed on the menu, as one of our diners asked for a recommended dish, and the waitress didn’t have an educated response.

Overall, the decor and atmosphere is characteristically Walkerville, with little to distinguish this place from its nearby competitors. We were all surprised by the average age of the other patrons, as our group was easily 30 years younger than everyone else.

The food was average at best. Portion sizes were relatively small, and a few of our orders were mixed up, and my appetizer came after my main.

Dessert First I specifically requested my dessert to come before by meal, so I was disappointed when it came out with my steak. At least it was good– the best thing I ate.

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  • Fogged glass
  • Mood lighting
  • Chandeliers - ooooo
  • Victorian sisters obviously
  • Atmosphere
  • Broccoli soup
  • Carbonara
  • Fish - so lonely
  • MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm
  • Steak looks delicious
  • Cheese cake is well presented
  • who murdered my ganache cake?

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