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Restaurant Information
Gilligan’s Restaurant
1270 Walker Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 4T4. View Larger Map
Website & Menu.
Cuisine: Diner
Open: Mon-Thurs: 11am-10pm. Fri: 11am-11pm. Sat: 8am-11pm. Sun: 8am-9pm.
Price: $$ (Inexpensive – $15-25 per meal)
Parking: Lot in front of building.
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: $8 lunch specials daily. Fish & Chips on Fridays.
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Taster Recommendation: Crazy Burgers, duh.
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With the burger craze in Windsor coming from Motoburger, Jack’s, Starlight Diner, Twisted Apron, and The Hungry Hippo, the crew decided to get down and dirty with Windsor’s Original Gourmet Burger Joint: Gilligan’s Restaurant. For over 20 years, this restaurant has been serving the create-your-own 8oz burger at reasonable price.

All you have to do is first choose between Beef, Turkey, Lamb, Buffalo, and Ostrich for your patty – all are Ontario raised. And finish that off by choosing between many pre-dressed burger options that are reminiscent of all the classics – including everyone’s favourite Big Mac, Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt, and the classic Pizza Burger. The menu also includes, wings, ribs, clubs, and grilled chicken. Their wing sauces are especially good, but this time around we only had money to sample the burgs – which is the obvious reason for any Windsorite to go here.

These days we’re seeing a return of the 1990s trend of restaurant’s having a gimmick to get you in the door. Gilligan’s was, and still is, that strange Ostrich burger. Only the crazy one at the table would try it– Mr. Muscles. To make this review extra-special we tried to get as many different protein choices as possible.

Diner’s Favourites:

Buffalo Burger – Surprisingly very tender compared to another Buffalo Burger I ate out West. In addition, it had a wonderful gamey flavour that you don’t get with the other meats.

Epic-Meal-Time Custom Created Burger – Look! I know I’m a genius. Just take their Jack Daniel’s Sauced up Burger, add extra bacon x 3 and extra sauce. Bacon! Jack Daniel’s! Mr. Muscles approved.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Protein: Buffalo.

I’ve been coming here since I was in grade school, and really nothing has changed too much. The crazy decor is still the same and menu items are mostly the same. I can also feel pretty confident that you will be getting that same old Gilligan’s burger experience when you come here. I was really torn between having the buffalo burg or comparing the lamb burg to the lamb-orgini at Motoburger. However, my choice of buffalo was easily the best protein with its crumbly tenderness, gamey taste, and Epic-Meal-Time inspired dress.

Recommendation:¬†Get a crazy Ostrich or Buffalo Burger. Although, if you live in Windsor you really don’t have to even read this review – just ask some friends.

Mr.Muscles Protein: Ostrich.

The burger was good, but not the best burger joint in Windsor. The Ostrich was lean, but not dry. Something Taster forgot to mention was that having your own special sauce was all the rage in the 1990s – and just like in our review of Riverside Tavern, slathering the burger and french fries in Gilligan’s Sauce makes the food extra special. The sauce is a close replica to popular TBQ (or Valerie’s) Sauce that you can pick up at Windsor grocery stores. And just like a restaurant living in the 1990s, there are no craft beers here to consume – yet.

If you need a good protein option for weightlifting, choose turkey or ostrich for their lean profile ~ however, they will be dryer than the other meats.

The Philosopher Protein: Roast Beef Philly.

I keep ordering the Philly looking for that classic that can never compare to an experience I can now only vaguely remember. Oh well, a bite of Taster’s burger sealed the deal into what I’m going to have next time.

UberGamer Protein: Beef.

A slightly above average burger with a nice tenderness. The burger was nothing to write home about. The food is priced at a nice value, and is definitely a lot of food for your dollar. Finishing the burger reminded me of level 4-13 of Super Meat Boy – especially at my size.

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  • Outside... I think they have burgers
  • Dining Area
  • Tall Bar
  • Sauce Boss
  • Menu
  • Soup
  • One of Many Burgers
  • Crispy Chicken Club
  • Burger 2
  • Philly
  • Burger with sauce
  • Yet, Another Burger

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