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Restaurant Information
255 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A 4H9. View Larger Map
Website. Menus: Dinner, Lunch & Takeout.
Cuisine: Asian Fusion
Open: Mon-Fri 11:30-22:00; Sat 12:00-24:00; Sun 12:00-21:00
Price: $$ (Moderate – $10-18 per meal)
Parking: Street (Free after 6pm), Garages
Reservations: Not Required, Busy on Weekends.
Specials: Stir-frys cheaper at Lunch.
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Taster Recommendation: Stir-Fry – Has never let me down.
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Opened in 1997, Paul Chanko and Eric Donoso (Chan-oso) brought to Windsor a their revolutionary Chanoso’s Restaurant. The current owners, Mark Boscariol and Mat Mathias, keep this Asian Fusion hot-spot alive and well with great food flying out of the kitchen faster than you can place an order.

Chanoso’s has a beautiful dining area that features natural brick, wooden bench seating, tall windows overlooking Ouellette Ave., a long intelligent bar, a small patio, an attached sushi restaurant called Oishii, and the former Buda restaurant which is now an extension of the dining room where live music plays… Whoa! They have a lot. The decor changes from room to room, but is modernly themed for each section of the restaurant.

The menu actually consists of their traditional stir-fry menu with all the sushi-options from Oishii restaurant. At one time, you could only order Chanoso’s stuff in Chanoso’s and sushi in Oishii, but now there is no separating the two restaurants. For this review (and for the purpose of coming back later to eat sushi) we are only going to review the Chanoso’s food selection.

The menu has some favourite appetizers such as the noodle rolls and gyozas. Chanoso’s does feature a few main entrees, which are good but a step down in taste from their feature: create your own stir fry. You place your order by choosing the size, protein, sauce(s), noodle/rice, and spiciness on a level from 1-10. If you are feeling daring, try the Jamaican 10 or let the chef choose your sauce with the Chef’s Choice. Anyways, the food is a favourite of ours and brings us back there to eat at least once a year for the last 11 years.

Diner’s Favourites:

Create Your Own Stir Fry – Get exactly what you want at Chanoso’s every time with their stir-fry. Crisp-tender vegetables with your choice of protein over a bed of rice or noodles and topped with one of their delicious sauces.

Jamaican 10 – If you dare.

Diner’s Thoughts:

Taster Girl

I like having the option to take control of what I order at a restaurant, so I really appreciate the stir fry at Chanoso’s since I can pick and choose exactly what I want without feeling like I’m pissing off the kitchen staff with special orders.

I like that the stir frys are absolutely loaded with vegetables and there is an option for brown rice, so I feel like I can get a healthy meal when I eat here.

My favourite combination is tofu with peanut sauce over brown rice. Actually, the coconut curry is pretty damn good too. Oh and the sweet bean sauce! Mmmm… sometimes it’s just too tough to choose.


As already stated, we’ve been coming here for years. In fact, this restaurant started my love for the food industry in Windsor – a cool concept with awesome food. To be honest we’ve experienced Chanoso’s ups and downs. There was even a time when we couldn’t order Oishii sushi in the Chanoso’s side even though the restaurants were connected by a bookshelf door. There was one point in time when the restaurant had a pastry chef, which I definitely miss– probably the best dessert in the city– but otherwise Chanoso’s is definitely on an up. Good sized and sauced up portions of their stir fry are a reminder of my first experiences at the restaurant and why it has been a favourite restaurant to recommend for such a long time.

And believe it or not, their website has it wrong: there are not just hundreds but actually over 500,000 combinations of protein, sauce and noodles for their stirfry.

Recommendation: If you are a real macho person, Jamaican 10. For everyone else, I’m a huge favourite of the Hot Honey with shanghai noodles. But you cannot go wrong with a stir fry – after all, if the combination sucks it will be your own fault.

The Philosopher

I’m really glad they took the pho off the menu. For the last 5 years, I kept ordering it hoping that it would taste like very specific Vietnamese restaurants to be left underwhelmed by its taste. In fact, I have Taster remind me what to order so I enjoy the experience next time. Oh, and as tempting as it was to try the Jamaican 10, it would put me into the hospital with my Crohn’s disease. Question: Why does anyone want to punish their insides like that?


Eat here for about $12 is not bad for my budget. Lots of choice and a pretty filling meal. As for the Jamaican 10, that stir fry couldn’t kill a lvl 2 grawl! You know who finished that bowl stone-faced? Me. Period. Extra period.


Just so everyone knows, we wouldn’t be eating here if I hadn’t accidently stumbled into the restaurant drunk 11 years ago. When I came out I was raving about how good the food was and how good looking the waitresses were.

The Jamaican 10 will never be as hot as the first time I taunted the chef at lunch time and she packed it so full of heat that Taster thought he was developing an ulcer. I had to taunt the chef again this time, but he couldn’t deliver the same experience. Of course I got dessert first. The cheesecake was good, but I have had better at other establishments. And the sushi appetizer I had was just another California roll.

Image Gallery

  • The bar - set nice and high
  • The Main Dining area
  • Secret Bookshelf to Oishii
  • Their Fantastic Bread
  • Dessert First
  • Jamaican 10
  • Nostrils are on fire.
  • Not a Jamaican 10
  • Magic Mike

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