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Restaurant Information
Bacana Brazilian Steakhouse
3347 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8W 1H4. View Larger Map
Website; Menu
Cuisine: Steak
Open: Tue-Thurs 5:00pm-9:00pm; Fri-Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm
Price: $$ (Moderately Expensive – $25 per person)
Parking: At the Church or on the Street (Don’t use the parking lots that surround the restaurant unless you want to challenge a tow truck company)
Reservations: Not Required
Specials: N/A – VIP club on website.
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Taster.ca Recommendations: MEEEEEEAT!
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I do not know why I allow this – maybe I like the punishment – but this happened to be the fourth or fifth all-you-can-eat style restaurant that the crew had been to in a span of two months. I guess I have to stop letting Mr. Muscles pick restaurants each week since the guy is clearly trying to eat these places out of business (pssst ~ his daily dose of meat is equivalent to 2 whole chickens). Anyways, we somehow ended up at Bacana Brazilian Steakhouse one Friday night and, once again, I ate until my pants were one size too small.

If you’ve never been, the rodizio concept is really simple. You have a wooden block which is red on one side and green on the other. Putting the green side up signals the ‘gauchos’ to bring a 2 foot long skewer loaded with one of 9 different meats to your table. They’ll shave off a slice for you to catch with your meat tongs. I know! It sounds like a bad 80′s video game, but a successful catch will provide you with some very tasty protein. Putting the block red side up means you suck would like to take a break from the endless rounds of meat, and if you place the wooden piece on its side, you’re ready for a piece of cinnamon spiced pineapple and the cheque.

If you’re taking a break between meat courses, help yourself to a variety of edible carbohydrates like rice or potatoes or salad from the bar. Mr. Muscles took a few trips to the salad bar to loosen up some intestinal debris so I’ll let him use the excuse that he ate too much salad to explain why he only ate a measly 10 pieces of meat compared to my 15 and uber gamer’s 20 ;)

Since I work an actual job until about 8pm (yup, blogging isn’t my only career!), we came at a time where we were the only table actually eating while the other tables were finishing up. So once 9:15pm rolled around, they were very happy to dump lots and lots of meat on our plates! They even put on a special top sirlion just for us – now that is service!

Bacana is a very inexpensive by Brazilian Steakhouse standards. Windsor really doesn’t have the population and market for a high end Brazilian Steakhouse, but this place does an awesome job of giving us a similar experience with an awesome price– under $30– whereas you’ll spend at least $50 on a high end place.

- Taster

Overall Analysis:

Our Order – Brazilian Beer, Every Piece of Meat, Salad, Potatoes.

Come here for: Top Sirloin – it was the best piece of meat put on our plate.

Strong Stomach: Chicken Hearts – texture of a mushroom with the taste of liver – very interesting.

Taster’s Favourite: Pork Tenderloin – had nice apple taste.

Misses – The side dishes seem like an afterthought. The salad bar had variety, but wasn’t anything special.


Bacana Brazilian Steakhouse gives Windsor that traditional Brazilian steakhouse experience without the traditional Brazilian steakhouse prices.

Diner’s Quick Thoughts:

Mr. Muscles This is one of Windsor’s hidden jems. Perfectly cooked meat is continually brought to your table for as long as you’d like. The buffet of side dishes compliment all the meat. Did I mention meat? MEAT! Protein, bro.
Uber Gamer I’ve been to better Brazilian steakhouses in Toronto and in Detroit but the price here is pretty reasonable for what I got. I only wish they had a really spicy meat on the menu.

Image Gallery

  • Great Prices
  • Beautiful building
  • Can you spot our table?
  • Brazilian Beer... hmmmmm
  • Slice dem meats
  • Tenderloin please
  • Pineapple light with wood cube

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